New name new look

We have a new name.

The name of Max’s Off Grid Paradise was to pay tribute to Max. He was a Newfoundland mix that stole and healed our hearts in a time of need. You see, we had just lost Abby, our Rotty to Cancer. Max helped heal us in that time. Time has come to move forward and Max will always be in our hearts.

The name Breaking Free Off Grid is about our journey to live a virtually debt free off grid lifestyle. Breaking free from the day to day turmoils of what society says is normal living. This way of life used to be the norm and there is still no reason why it cannot be.

Please follow us on our journey. Share in our successes and failures as we get schooled by nature, Murphy’s Law and a new way of living.

All the while, breaking Free from what masses say is the norm. To be free, living for ourselves. Where our survival depends on us and Goose the mountain Boerboel.

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10 thoughts on “New name new look

      1. I don’t know when yet. I actually bought two potential properties a while back. I like them equally much. I think that I need to spend more time on both of them, before deciding. Perhaps I’m a little more drawn to one of them. I feel that I have the knowledge to work the land now. It could always be beneficial with more cash when starting out, but I have some passive income, and worst case scenario I’ll take a part time job in the beginning. It’s not going to happen tomorrow, but things are going in the right direction. I can see it!

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