Near death experience!

Good morning everyone!

This will be a short blog. We are sharing what happened to us on the morning of 10/8. Carbon Monoxide is called the silent killer for good reasons. To experience this first hand has humbled us! We are grateful to be alive. We ask everyone to watch the video below and share to your family and friends. Don’t make the same mistakes we made. Protect your family.





7 thoughts on “Near death experience!

  1. I had a feeling, from the very title of the post, where you were headed with the message.

    I’m sad that this happened to you, name calling and what-not, is not needed.
    You lived through this experience AND have learned a valuable lesson here.

    Good for you, and good luck to the both of you.

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  2. Glad you both are okay. We have a propane stove and it always makes me a little nervous. Placed the stove near a window. We have a carbon monoxide monitor too, but I think I would like one that the fire dept. has that measures the ppm.

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