New to us Plow Truck

It’s Tuesday December 11 and we  are under our first storm warning of the season, from 4:00 am to 4:00 am Wednesday morning. The weather service is calling for up to 10″ in the valleys and up to 2′ in the mountains. We are somewhere in between  here and there. We will be doing short video clips of the accumulation throughout the day for an upcoming video. I love the snow and want to go play in it, I can’t yet we need two front tires for the truck first. UGH!!!

Toni usually does the blogging part so bear with me. For those that don’t know me, I’m Stuart the hubby.

Well, let’s get into it. A couple weeks ago we bought and bartered for a 1976 Chevrolet K20. The barter portion was 3 pistols that I had about $800.00 into and $500.00 cash. one of the pistols was one of my favorites.  A Ruger .44 mag Blackhawk, what a hog leg that was. Yes, I know today’s value of it is almost $1,000.00, but I traded that for another firearm that I bought for $200.00. I’m good with it. Anyway back to the truck. The truck is a bit beat up and will take some considerable work for it to function, for what we need it for. Not only will it need to perform snowplowing duties for our mountain road, it will also be a farm type truck and will need to tackle our mud roads. The video at the bottom is a look at our mud roads before winter, which was a bit of an anomaly for this time of year, as we have had warmer than normal temps. Thanks El Niño!! We are still very new to our mountain and still learning the in and outs. It’s definitely been a learning curve, and our neighbors have been an invaluable source of information. They are pretty cool people. they have been up here for 20 years, and the stories that they tell.

First we will need to get it mechanically stable. It has a considerable oil leak that looks like either the rear main or the oil pan. There is so much oil spray that you really can’t tell exactly where it is. That’s ok, just what I need though is another project. I have a few neck problems and back problems that prevent me from laying on my back for long periods of time, so I’ll just probably pull the engine. This will be a first for me. I’m not a mechanic, just some tinkering here and there. One reason we bought a Chevy with a 350, parts are a dime a dozen. Our neighbor drove that home for me a couple weeks ago. He’s a Chevy God.

Once the engine is mechanically stable we will start on things like improving the steering and suspension and get the flatbed properly mounted. Oh, and of course be keeping an eye out for a snow plow. We would like to trade our Toyota Corolla and/or our Travel Trailer, but we all know cash is always good.

The true outcome of the truck is truly up in the air to make it a true Bad Ass rig like my dreams are made of, takes a bit of coin and time. In all honesty it will probably end up being half assed enough to be safe and get the job done. But nonetheless if we don’t dream and have aspirations we end up just being.

Please stay around for updates on the truck and on our property we have some cool stuff coming up.

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One thought on “New to us Plow Truck

  1. How has the truck been? My plow truck was a beast that leaked 2 quarts of oil an hour. Final coughed up a grand to fix it and now it burns 2 quarts of oil a day when in use. It’s a F250. That wood stove looks great a comfy. The locals say this is the mildest winter they have ever seen. We agree, but we only go back 8 years up here. Missing the cold temps. January is suppose to be our coldest month of the year. Oh well, we might get an early spring and get more projects done this year.


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