So Much Has Happened

Oh my! Where do I start? Hopefully, you have your coffee ready. We have done so much since our last post in 2019. Dang! That’s a long time!

We had been renting equipment for excavating to create areas for usable space. We need areas for a shop, barn, wood sheds and our new cabin. The problem with renting is not only the cost but you have limited time to do the most you can. We needed a tractor on the property at all times, so we can jump on it and do whatever we want, whenever we want.

We had always told each other that we would never go in debt again, except for a tractor. So, we decided to pull the trigger. Since we have been debt for so long, our credit ratings were really low. The finance company that did help us said I was like a ghost. It’s nice being debt free, but it can give you problems later if you need a loan.

We brought the tractor home late last summer, 2021. It’s a LS MT352. Woohoo! Now, the road of possibilities has opened up.

Stu started putting it to good use right away. He has started excavating an area for our saw mill and for processing firewood. It will be covered so we can keep us and the equipment safe from the elements.

Here’s a couple of awesome videos showcasing our snow experience last winter. 👇👇👇

We also bought a snow plow for the tractor. That proved to be the best purchase for our new friend! This last winter ended up being a pretty heavy snow year. We had about 4ft on the ground and it pretty much stayed that way all winter. We figured we got a total of about 6ft for the year. Stu was even running out of room to push snow. The tractor was a work horse though and plowed us to freedom. We are now thinking a snow blower attachment would be a huge time saver. Would like to have a grapple for it too.

I’m excited to see what we can accomplish over this summer with our new tractor. Happy off gridders!

Hope everyone has an awesome day!

2 thoughts on “So Much Has Happened

  1. Welcome back! I too have been absent from social media. So much going on. I enjoyed the cup of coffee and the read. Glad you guys are doing well. We also went back in debt for the tractor, best investment doing my own ground prep for the shop, collecting firewood, snow removal, doing heavy lifting, and generating electricity.

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