Our Creek Crossing Washed Out!

As promised, here’s another awesome story for you. So grab your coffee, sit back and relax.

A couple weeks after the incident with our truck being swallowed up by our road, this happened. We were getting ready to leave for town, when our neighbor called us to warn us that the creek crossing was starting to wash out. We had heard stories of this happening several times in the past before we moved up here. So, we were not surprised, it was just a matter of when.

We drove down to talk to our neighbor (I’ll call him Fred for privacy) and to check the carnage out. You can see in the pictures, the road was definitely not safe to drive on. There was decent size hole where you could see the water from the creek eroding the road underneath. Fred has lived on this mountain since the early 90’s and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to our mountain roads. He wanted to wait a day or two for the creek to finish its destruction, before we try fixing it. So we head back home.

The next day, Stuart drove down to check the creek out again. It was a lot worse, the creek pretty much took that portion of the road out. Funny thing, this time of year is called mud season. There are portions of road that get extremely muddy and our neighbors on this side of creek will park on the other side of mud road and walk out. We were the only ones that did not have a vehicle on the other side, since our truck gets us through the mud road. At least, we were stranded on our little mountain homestead. I’m ok with that, unless there’s an emergency.

Stuart talked to Fred later that day. He told Stuart that another neighbor was willing to let us use his roll-off flat bed trailer for a bridge. Fred and his boys started getting the road ready. They filled 1 ton bags with sand to enforce each end of the road and to help support the trailer, along with some railroad ties. Then we had to wait for another neighbor that has a full size excavator. He doesn’t live here full time yet, so he wasn’t in town. It would be a few days before he would be here.

The road started washing out on a Monday, the neighbor with the excavator arrived on Saturday. Almost all the neighbors on this of the creek showed up to help where needed. We are so blessed to live in an area where the neighbors are private but, will get together in times like this.

The neighbor with the excavator placed the sandbags and then they placed the railroad ties to give the trailer bed more support.

Then the trailer was put in place. It always amazes me how a huge piece of machinery can be so gentle.

Not too bad for a temporary fix, right? Fred then used his tractor and built up ramps on each end of the trailer.

This was actually a good test as to how much weight the trailer could handle. Fred’s tractor weighs about 9,000 pounds. There was a little flex when he was on it but, it wasn’t like, “oh shit” bad. With his tractor weighing more than our vehicles, we should be good. Just need to be careful crossing, since it’s so narrow.

Fred’s plan is to replace the failed culvert once the creek goes down. However, new culverts are running about $1.51 a foot right now, we need 60 feet of culvert. Ouch! We should have bought it last year, when it was half the price. So, some of the other neighbors are looking for cheaper ones elsewhere.

Well, there’s our adventure! Thank goodness we have been preparing for a SHTF event. We really were not stressed for anything, except for gas for the generator. Stuart siphoned some gas out of last years plow truck to get us through.

Hope you enjoyed our adventure! Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Our Creek Crossing Washed Out!

  1. Yes, it was a bad break up this year. What a blessing to have neighbors to help with the road and willing to invest time and equipment to help out. That was a great makeshift bridge until more permanent repairs can be done. Wait till people moving into the area realize what a county unmaintained road or private maintained is. North Idaho is a special kind of place in which people learn to do for themselves because it is more affordable to do so. Happy Easter to you both. Having Easter Service at the Fairgrounds this year at 10:00 AM, Sunday. It’s a bring your own lawn chair event, low key, family event. You are more than welcome to come.

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