Could You Live Off Grid?

Are you considering possibly living off grid or becoming a little more self sufficient? We started our YouTube channel to help inspire others who are interested in breaking free and not relying on the system to survive.

Going completely off grid, might not be an option for some. It’s a lot of work getting your systems setup and can take awhile, unless you’re fortunate to have the funds. We have been off grid since 2017 and we’re still not completely setup but, we’re getting there.

Maybe, you want to learn how to be more self sufficient. There are many things you can start doing now to give you more security.

Learning how to can your own food is an awesome way fill your pantry. We have canned tomato sauce, beans, chicken, pork and beef. We have also canned beef stew, so yummy! With rising food prices and possible food shortages, it’s good to be prepared. Plus, it makes for quick and easy meals.

What about a garden? Even if you have a small backyard, you can still grow a vertical garden and harvest an awesome yield. I can’t wait to get our garden going again and throw my harvest in the canner. Green beans, corn, salsas, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes etc. The possibilities are enormous!

We hope to see you on our channel and learn some tips that you will benefit from. Whether you want to live off grid or become more self sufficient. Break those chains!

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