Getting Things Done

How's everyone doing? I'm so sorry for not posting more often, or consistent. I've been trying to find that happy medium between working, homestead projects, YouTube, and my blog. The mornings that my hubby wakes up before any other creature, is when I feel most inspired...weird. The hubby is working part time now, and I … Continue reading Getting Things Done

How Much Water Do You Have?

Hi there, me again. Well, Toni suckered me into doing another blog. Well, not really suckered but bribed me with Frozen Goodness, as some of you would say ice cream, and probably Starbucks. If you haven't guessed by now, yup it's Stuart. For over a year we have had to guess how much water we … Continue reading How Much Water Do You Have?

How to Make Kombucha and the Benefits

How is everyone doing today? How would you like to talk about kombucha? YUM! A refreshing, cold kombucha on a hot day, and you can make it yourself! AND it's healthy! Sounds like a win win to me. Although, I have not made any this year, I plan on it next year. In fact, last … Continue reading How to Make Kombucha and the Benefits