Boerboel Tales

People choose farm dogs, ranch dogs, homestead dogs for many different reasons. We chose the Boerboel, pronounced Boo-r-bull. Boerboel is a South African Mastiff. Loosely translated to farmers dog. I won’t go into any breed specific except that they are big, lovable, goofy, athletic and loyal. If you’re thinking of getting one, do your research. … Continue reading Boerboel Tales

Could You Live Off Grid?

Are you considering possibly living off grid or becoming a little more self sufficient? We started our YouTube channel to help inspire others who are interested in breaking free and not relying on the system to survive. Going completely off grid, might not be an option for some. It’s a lot of work getting your … Continue reading Could You Live Off Grid?

Getting Things Done

How's everyone doing? I'm so sorry for not posting more often, or consistent. I've been trying to find that happy medium between working, homestead projects, YouTube, and my blog. The mornings that my hubby wakes up before any other creature, is when I feel most inspired...weird. The hubby is working part time now, and I … Continue reading Getting Things Done

Raising Chicks Off Grid Without Electricity

When we lived on the grid, raising chicks was easy. Simply set up their brooder, food, water, and plug in the heat lamp. Easy right? Now that we're off the grid, we have to think of different ways to accomplish these "easy" things. We have a small solar system, and are always mindful of how … Continue reading Raising Chicks Off Grid Without Electricity

How Much Water Do You Have?

Hi there, me again. Well, Toni suckered me into doing another blog. Well, not really suckered but bribed me with Frozen Goodness, as some of you would say ice cream, and probably Starbucks. If you haven't guessed by now, yup it's Stuart. For over a year we have had to guess how much water we … Continue reading How Much Water Do You Have?