How to Make Kombucha and the Benefits

How is everyone doing today? How would you like to talk about kombucha? YUM! A refreshing, cold kombucha on a hot day, and you can make it yourself! AND it's healthy! Sounds like a win win to me. Although, I have not made any this year, I plan on it next year. In fact, last … Continue reading How to Make Kombucha and the Benefits


The Murphy Saga Continues

How is everyone doing today? Hope you're having an awesome weekend! In our blog titled "Bad News on the Homestead", we told you about the streak of Murphy luck that we have had. Well......the saga continues after doing that blog. Murphy has not left us and keeps derailing us from moving forward with projects that … Continue reading The Murphy Saga Continues

Dogs, Chickens, Turkeys, Oh My

Toni asked me to do a blog on chickens, turkeys and dogs, oh my. This came Via request from Sagittarius Viking from our Facebook page Breaking Free Off Grid. If you haven't joined us there, DO IT NOW!  HAHA! I'm kidding of course. This will probably be long winded as I have no control over … Continue reading Dogs, Chickens, Turkeys, Oh My