Our Creek Crossing Washed Out!

As promised, here’s another awesome story for you. So grab your coffee, sit back and relax. A couple weeks after the incident with our truck being swallowed up by our road, this happened. We were getting ready to leave for town, when our neighbor called us to warn us that the creek crossing was starting … Continue reading Our Creek Crossing Washed Out!

Road Washed Out!

How is everyone this morning? Do you have your coffee? Maybe, you don’t do coffee. That’s ok...get your drink of choice and let me tell you a story. It’s was early March and the beginning of my vacation. My ideal vacation is staying home and doing whatever I want. Save money and no stress in … Continue reading Road Washed Out!

How Much Water Do You Have?

Hi there, me again. Well, Toni suckered me into doing another blog. Well, not really suckered but bribed me with Frozen Goodness, as some of you would say ice cream, and probably Starbucks. If you haven't guessed by now, yup it's Stuart. For over a year we have had to guess how much water we … Continue reading How Much Water Do You Have?

Update From the Top of the Mountain…Almost

Good morning and happy Saturday! The last post was about the stream of bad luck that we have had. We are still getting visits from Murphy, but we'll touch on this in a later post. Today, I want to give you an update on our homestead and the progress so far, or you can enjoy … Continue reading Update From the Top of the Mountain…Almost

Dogs, Chickens, Turkeys, Oh My

Toni asked me to do a blog on chickens, turkeys and dogs, oh my. This came Via request from Sagittarius Viking from our Facebook page Breaking Free Off Grid. If you haven't joined us there, DO IT NOW!  HAHA! I'm kidding of course. This will probably be long winded as I have no control over … Continue reading Dogs, Chickens, Turkeys, Oh My