Road Washed Out!

How is everyone this morning? Do you have your coffee? Maybe, you don’t do coffee. That’s ok…get your drink of choice and let me tell you a story.

It’s was early March and the beginning of my vacation. My ideal vacation is staying home and doing whatever I want. Save money and no stress in packing for travel, I’m happy staying home.

If you follow us on YouTube, you already know that we haul our own water. We have a source of water now that gets us through the summer but, we still have to haul water during winter. Fingers crossed, this was our last winter hauling water.

Anyway, we were headed down the mountain to get water. We’re just moseying down the road, when the truck fell through some ice on the road on the driver’s side. Me not knowing what exactly just happened at the time, I look at Stuart with a surprised look and ask “what was that”? That’s when he tells me we fell through some ice.

It didn’t look too bad when we got out and checked it out. Stuart jumps back in the truck and tries to free the truck, no luck.

Now what? Hmmmmm….the winch! Yes! Easy peasy right?

Stuart anchors to a tree and proceeds to try and winch the truck out. That was making the situation worse. The hole we were sitting in decided to swallow the truck more. You definitely need to watch the video below to see for yourself. The back of the truck on the passenger side was about a foot off the ground. After inspecting the area more, we saw that there water running over a drainage ditch and undercutting the road under the ice. It created an awesome shelf of deception. Never would have known there was problem if the truck had not fallen through.

We definitely could not winch the truck forward. At that time, we could see the road was undercut pretty bad but, couldn’t tell how far yet. Stuart decided to run the winch cable under the truck to winch backwards.

Let me just say, I learn so much from my husband. He’s is extremely good with assessing a situation and coming up with the solution. If the first solution doesn’t work, he regroups and tries something else. In this case, the something else paid off! Woohoo! The truck is free!

We were really worried that the truck was damaged due to the articulation that it just went through. After it was sitting on all 4 tires again, it looked ok. Of course, we wouldn’t know for sure until we can get it on pavement. Unfortunately, we were trapped on the mountain until we could fix the road. Not the way I planned on starting my vacation. I like staying home but, being trapped is different. Ha!

I won’t bore you too much more. My creative writing skills do not do the story justice. Here’s another video of us fixing the road, so we can get down the mountain. You can really see how bad the road was damaged. With the help of our neighbor the next day, we fixed the road temporarily. There was about 200ft of damage. Once mud season is over, we will bring in rock and fix it the correct way.

So, what about the truck? Was it damaged? Amazingly, it was not! I thought for sure a tie rod, some steering linkage or even the axle and differential would have been damaged. Everything looks good and it still drives like a champ.

I hope you enjoyed my little story time of just one of the many adventures on this mountain. Wait until I tell you about our creek crossing! Is you curiosity peaked? It’s definitely another good story.

Until next time! Have a great day!

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